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Gregory V. Wisbey
Managing Director


James O. Wisbey

In 1979 James and Shirley Wisbey established a trading company called J. Wisbey & Associates Pty Ltd (JWA). James had previously served a distinguished career as a Radiographer working both within Australia and in a number of foreign countries for the United Nations (WHO).

Within five years JWA had broadened its range to include a selection of dental x-ray film processors and chemistry. This range was especially appropriate for the company because it utilised the skills of a fully qualified Radiographer (James Wisbey). His innate understanding and familiarity of the x-ray world was a tremendous asset to the company. This strategic move also enabled JWA to focus upon and become specialists in providing qualified and informed technical x-ray information to dentists in both Australia and New Zealand.

Over the intervening years our product range has evolved to include a wide variety of well-known branded items from a broad selection of reputable international manufacturers and suppliers.

Greg Wisbey joined the Company in 1998 and having lived and worked in a number of regional and South East Asian countries brought many years of experience in Australian export trading to his family business

Today, Wisbey Dental specialises in various dental, medical and surgical equipment items. The items range from dental and surgical handpieces and instruments, to electric surgical systems for facial re-construction and Implantology, portable dental units and a wide range of dental surgery equipment. Wisbey Dental is the primary supplier of Automatic Dental X-ray Film Processors (and related chemistry) to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Wisbey Dental has a clearly defined and exciting strategic plan for future expansion and growth. The company is continually exploring and researching new products from around the world as they are being developed.

Virtually all items handled by Wisbey Dental are done so on an exclusive distribution basis. The majority of “after sales” product service and support is handled “in-house”.

The geographical distribution area that Wisbey Dental covers includes Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Islands, and various South East Asian countries.

Wisbey Dental is proud to be an active and long standing member of the Australian Dental Industry Association (A.D.I.A.) and we stand by the ethical tenets of that Association. We are a family company that has grown very successfully and we attribute our success to the simple fact that over the years we have established a very loyal support base of clients.


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